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I help musicians who want to take their playing and teaching to the next level but despite their best efforts still feel something is missing. I teach traditional piano lessons combined with mindfulness-awareness practices. Using a student-centered approach and techniques based on sound body mechanics, I help musicians access their innate intelligence and wisdom to find natural solutions that feel good in the body and produce a more communicative and satisfying sound. I’m passionate about helping my fellow colleagues further develop and refine their playing and teaching with such topics as: mindfulness techniques, focusing exercises, and contemplative exercises to build reliable mental habits for practice and performance. It is very important to me that my fellow musicians thrive; and I offer workshops to help teachers who want to take their business to the next level. Tailored for your specific needs, topics might include: fee structures and billing, policy statements, studio environment/set up, website creation/tone/language, blogging/writing, advertising, recitals, issues specific to working with young students/older students/recreational pianists, etc.


132 Montague Street
United States

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