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I teach from Beginner to College Level students. I give private one-on-one lessons with each of my students, and in that way I provide the best attention and guidance to each of my students. Lessons may be 30 minutes or 60 minutes, once or twice a week on a steady basis to ensure the best rate of progress for my students. The length and frequency depends on the age, maturity, and personality of each student. The price of my lessons are $20 for half an hour (30 minutes) and $40 for an hour (60 minutes). Students will learn the basics of keyboard instruments, such as music theory, correct hand posture, pedal usage, how to create dynamics, musical expression, ear training, and many other aspects which are fundamental in music and playing the piano. I also teach violin and viola. Beginning students will have a method book in which I choose depending on his or her level. Intermediate students will begin to receive music pieces that are from intermediate composers as well as classical composers. Advanced students as well as college-level students will be receiving serious works by composers of all different musical eras such as the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern, Impressionistic, and post-modern eras. Students of the Intermediate, advanced, or college levels may choose to participate in musical examinations or competitions if desired. Public performance opportunities can be discussed as well and are encouraged! If there is any song or piece that a student wants to learn, whether it's a serious piece, or a song on the radio, I will assist the student in learning it as soon as he or she is at the level where he or she can learn it. It is a wonderful feeling to learn a song that you enjoy! ‚ÄčAlso, students may play group or ensemble music, such as two piano students, a piano and violin student or a piano and viola student. Ensemble playing is a great way to expand a student's musicianship and also can be very fun! Contact me to schedule a no commitment try-out lesson today! Like my page on Facebook: Follow me on instagram: @studiobysarahmusic

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Distance Learning Available No

Education Private Piano Lessons from the age of 6 until the age of 18. Continued music education at Florida International University and graduated with a degree in Piano Performance in May, 2018.

Awards FIU Music Student Scholarship Florida Gulf Coast University/Steinway Young Artist Competition Naples Music Club Student Scholarship Competition Fort Myers Piano Competition

Genres & Ages Taught Ages 5 and up


3600 NW 83rd Ln.
Sunrise, Florida 33176
United States

Off of W Oakland Park Blvd and near N University Dr. in Sunrise, Florida.

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