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Hello! My name is Sara, and I am happy to be a part of your musical journey. I believe that playing the piano should be free and easy on the body and soul. The piano naturally encourages a relaxed and fluid posture in which no joint or muscle is cramped, and it offers the player a sense of joy, purpose, and freedom. The most skilled and magical playing comes from those who approach the piano with grace, intuition, and trust. An intuitive pianist knows that the piano is not a thing to be conquered, but a living spirit that can communicate with us. The intuitive pianist looks at the entire architecture of a piece, knows that phrases have shape, and understands that rhythm is its own language with its own idioms. My goal is to help students become joyful, self-sufficient pianists. I emphasize fundamentals of music theory, reading, technique, rhythm, and ear training. I also teach voice, and I use my training in voice and the Alexander movement technique to help my piano students become comfortable on the bench through relaxed breathing, excellent posture, and a sense of grounded stability. Over the course of study, the student learns to be independent, adroit, curious, and insightful . I find that this approach - rather than teaching students a few standard pieces from the classical repertoire - makes for a life-long player. Please visit my website for more information on me and my teaching methods. Thank you!

Additional Information

Distance Learning Available No

Education Private study at Yale School of Music and Juilliard

Genres & Ages Taught Ages 5 and up


330 7th Avenue
New York, New York 10001
United States

Located close to the Fashion Institute of Technology, Penn Station, and Herald Square.

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