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*Student comments at the bottom.* Learn how to play songs you love using the chords and drills I give you. The age range of my students has been: 23 -- 74, both men and women. My piano lessons are for "adults only." I took many years of piano lessons growing up. I later was a jazz performance major at North Texas State University (now UNT) in Denton. So between the two, I found what really works helping people learn how to play piano. A huge factor is you must have fun while learning! This is why I spent over 5 years building my library of hit songs for teaching and sharing with students. It contains over 1300 songs. These songs are mostly from the 60's - 90's, but also cover newer songs by artist like Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and Charlie Puth. Genre of songs available to my students include Pop, Rock, Country, Christian, Motown and Christmas songs. There is "no charge" for these songs! We build your library of songs that you love. I have my students play along with their favorite artist/songs. This accomplishes two very important dynamics in learning how to play piano. It helps you learn "different rhythms and inversions" (different styles of songs and different ways to play the same chord). This way you have fun learning how to play piano. Singing is encouraged, which I can help you with but it is not necessary to learn how to play piano. As you get chords and their inversions down by having fun playing songs you love, I teach my students scales and give them drills to help you improvise. I prefer to teach "sight reading" with Christmas songs because they come around every year and family and friends love to sing along. No Mary Had A Little Lamb or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star here. My lessons are designed to help you become an accomplished pianist in the shortest time possible while having fun along the way. Possible opportunities for piano players: Many play the songs I teach on cruise ships, dueling piano bars and with bands. Some play special events like weddings, anniversaries, Christmas parties, happy hour gigs/restaurants, real estate open houses or other corporate functions and parties. Some enjoy composition - writing songs. And some play in Church. Cost: 4 one hour lessons per month (one lesson each week) for $200. My lessons tend to go over 1 hour at no extra charge. "Call me" if you want to have fun learning how to play piano without taking years to learn. I make learning how to play piano as fun, easy and fast as possible. You will need a keyboard with "weighted keys" or an acoustic piano for practice. New keyboards with "weighted keys" are fairly inexpensive. I only accept "phone calls" if you are interested in taking lessons. *I do not give out my email due to spam!* Alan Spinks 817-946-9778 *Student Comments: Alan has a unique approach to keyboard/piano that I have been seeking for many years. His method is almost impossible to find. "Almost all teachers will sit you in front of the piano to work on sight reading with no regard to the basics of chords, music construction or arrangement. After many years of that type of dead-end instruction you will most likely end up a sight-reader of moderate ability with no knowledge of how to really play keyboard without sheet music in front of you. You will be stuck playing mostly classical music or other people's arrangements and musical ideas with little preparation to play in a band or arrange and compose your own music. Many people quit the piano as a result of this boring, stale and outdated approach to instruction. I tried that approach for 6 years and quit as a result. Alan's approach is just the opposite. Alan will teach you all of the major, minor, seventh and diminished chords in all of their inversions and quickly have you playing many of your favorite tunes. His emphasis is to get you playing real songs real fast. He has a series of drills to get the chords under your fingers and quickly enable you to understand the actual construction of music. Later you get into sight-reading and jazz chords to round-out your education. I have found no better keyboard/piano education to enable busy adults to quickly play some of their favorite songs and really understand and apply chords as the foundation of music. It is also essential information for those students seeking to accompany singers, play in a band or become professional musicians." Dan T. "Alan's fast track piano lessons are a great way to learn how to start playing songs and playing along with music, even if you have never had a lesson before. His approach helps you understand and break down piano chords so that you can build on them and improvise. His jovial personality make the lessons lighthearted and his encouragement makes them fun. Highly recommended." Dr. Sally B. "I always thought it would be really neat to learn to play piano, but I never gave it serious consideration because it seemed to require more time than I had, and the stuffiness of traditional piano lessons just doesn't do it for me. I am more of a dueling piano bar / belt-it-out-to-the-radio kind of girl. I saw Alan's fast track piano lesson advertisement and was immediately intrigued. I am having a blast learning to play piano with Alan. One of the major reasons it's so fun is the massive song library Alan has tabbed out with chords (similar to guitar but for piano). It's been so motivating to learn to play familiar songs that I actually enjoy listening to. And Alan is a super fun dude who really makes learning and playing piano a joy." --Colie R. "Alan's fast track teaching style is nothing short of amazing! I never dreamed I would be able to play the piano as good as I can after only a few months. With no experience at all, he had me playing actual songs by the second lesson. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to not only learn to play, but also have fun doing it!!" Alan P. "Alan's method is truly fast track. My "someday I will learn piano" was realized in one day, as I was playing a legitimate rock and roll song, the whole song, after the first lesson. I then went on from there, where I can play some pretty advanced stuff now after a few months. His knowledge of rock and roll songs and how to play them are vast but he will work with you on songs of your choosing also." Roy B. "Alan's method of teaching is not only interesting and unique but easy to understand. He very much strives to make it fun with enthusiasm and is always encouraging. Alan cares about what you as the student wants to accomplish. He is very patient and goes above and beyond. He loves to play and teach and it shows. My lessons always extend well beyond the time frame and he is never in a hurry. I would highly recommend giving him a call if you want to learn how to play piano. He will have you playing numerous chords and actual songs within the first month." Donna K. "If you're looking for a fast way of learning to play piano, look no further than Alan. I never thought I could pick up playing an instrument so fast, but within the first lesson I was already playing along with songs I heard on the radio! Alan's teaching method helps you build on fundamentals while keeping it fun and entertaining. I always look forward to his lessons and love how passionate he is in helping you learn and progress." Dan A. **Just FYI On 5-23-2018 Daily Mail Health reports: Scientific studies have found learning a new skill (like playing piano) as opposed to doing something you have always done is a more effective way to stimulate the brain for protection against dementia.**

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Education Many years taking piano lessons myself, then eventually I was a jazz performance major at UNT.

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Genres & Ages Taught Pop, Rock, Country, Christian, Motown and Christmas songs. Adults Only 18 and up.


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