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A Piano Grows In Brooklyn is the piano lesson service delivered by Sarah Bernstein and Andrew Hoepfner. We are proud to offer our versatile lessons to piano students of all ages. Our approach is based on the personality and goals of each student. Our students interested in traditional piano lessons study how to read and play sheet music. We explore music theory, scales, and exercises. Many students do better with a more creative approach. We teach these students to learn their favorite songs by ear or by using chord charts. Some students want to focus on being able to perform solo or play with a band. We study improvisation, the ability to sing while playing, and sometimes we work on songwriting together. Stylistically, our lessons run the gamut. Students learn classical, jazz, and pop songs. They learn songs from movies and TV, obscure indie songs, and songs from video games and viral videos. A Piano Grows In Brooklyn delivers home lessons to students living in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Music is an excellent way to multiply intelligence, express the self, and deepen appreciation for the world around us. We keep this idea at the heart of our teaching.

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Distance Learning Available No

Genres & Ages Taught All genres, all ages

A video we made in 2010 to advertise our service.


199 N. Henry Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222
United States

Our Greenpoint studio is just north of McGolrick Park.

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